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 180cm x 75cm | Heavy Cotton Canvas with Handmade Steel Frame 

This painting took over 4 months to complete, it is on heavy cotton canvas starting with 3 blended layers of acrylic paint, 5 layers of resin and pigments with plenty of texture on the base to add to the different depths and dimensions of the painting.  All of these layers make it a whopping 10kg! 

My husband and a close friend, hand made the steel frame, as I wanted an industrial feel to the finished piece (I let the steel rust for 5 days to get just the right aged patina I was looking for). I named this painting Sunrise Bay as it reminds me of the volcanic island beaches on Tanna Island in Vanuatu. My daughter and I went there about 7 years ago and the scenery is just amazing. 

"Sunshine Bay"

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