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About Me

Without a plan, many years ago I picked up a paint brush and embraced the colourful world of visual art. 

Whilst I originally chose acrylics for my work,  over the years I have enjoyed experimenting with mix mediums such as acrylics, resin and alcohol inks. 

 I am obsessed with movement, flow, texture and vibrancy and I am constantly pushing the boundaries of this to see where it leads me. 

I am the type of person who has to touch everything just to feel texture, feel the colours.

My studio which is in a beautiful pocket of the world known as Moonta Bay (Yorke Peninsula, South Australia), is a never ending source of inspiration with it's picturesque beaches and breathtaking sunsets. 

I often dive straight into a project, losing myself for many hours. Sometimes a whole day goes by and I realise it's dark outside, I am completely exhausted, covered from head to toe in paint and totally at peace, these are my favourite days. 

I like to think that when people look at my work they lose themselves too, inside an entirely other world.

I am eternally grateful to be able to do what I love, and seeing others enjoy my work brings me a sense of happiness and joy. 

Thank you for visiting my site, you are welcome anytime. 

Lesley Payne x

unique, modern, fresh and strikingly beautiful...

Denise Luker 

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